Boiler Service

Servicing your boiler as per the manufacturer’s recommendations will help ensure that your boiler has a long life and remains safe, efficient and reliable when you need it the most.

A regular annual service of your boiler can help prevent problems and help you get the most from your appliance.

Boiler Replacement

There are many benefits to changing your boiler before it lets you down.

New boilers built after 2005 must be high efficiency condensing models which operate at over 90%+ efficiency meaning that a new boiler could save you money on your energy bills if your current boiler is one of the older models.

Parts on older boilers can be hard or impossible to find and expensive to buy making owning and maintaining an older boiler less cost effective.

Landlord Safety Checks

 It is a legal requirement for landlords to have their boilers and gas appliances inspected annually by a qualified gas safe engineer.

The checks make sure that the appliances are safe to use and the CP12 issued on completion of the work ensures that both the landlord and the tenant have a record of the checks completed.

Power Flush

A power Flush is designed to clear sludge and restrictions from central heating systems, radiators, pipe-work and heat exchangers.

Evidence of problems can be cold spots on radiators, poor heating performance, noisy boiler and radiators needing regular bleeding.

Most manufacturers’ recommend that a power Flush is carried out before a new boiler is installed as new boilers are more sensitive to systems with sludge in which can cause them to fail. Many manufacturers will not accept a claim under warranty if the boiler fails and the system has not been correctly flushed.

Once flushed the system will be more efficient, quicker to heat up, increase the life of the boiler, reduce stress on the boiler and distribute heat more evenly around the house.

Central Heating Upgrades and Underfloor Heating Installation

 Whether it’s changing your boiler, timers, thermostats, radiators, hot water cylinders, or installing underfloor heating, upgrading your heating system can provide you with new, alternative ways to get the most from your system. Many upgrades are designed to be more cost effective for you once they have been installed as well as being easy to use and nice to look at.